Privates snowboard lessons - Snowboarding, a "kid" sport also for adults.

Adults snowboard lessons in Megeve

You want to learn snowboarding? How to move in perfect tranquility and safety on the slopes of Megeve? Improve your backside and frontside turnaround techniques, and deepen each fundamental element? Or simply enjoy good snow? I offer private snowboard lessons to meet your expectations. Snowboard lessons tailored to your desires and needs. A high quality service where every detail counts.

I offer snowboard lessons regardless of your level or prior experience, from beginner to expert. Ride with confidence, explore the feeling of sliding on a board while having fun in perfect safety. Snowboarding is rightly a "kid" sport, even adults feel this sensation in practice. To progress in snowboarding you need to become a little more innocent in your movements and try to free you mind for each time of riding. This will eventually let you expand your playing field and you will be able to play with every form of snowy terrain there is to offer. Games, jumps, flat, fakie, freestyle, freeride, speed ...: the whole extent of an asymmetrical sport practice definitely rejuvenating!

Privates snowboard lessons in Megeve

Private snowboard lessons are by far the most suitable form of learning, with the main advantage of showing quick progress with just a few lessons. Small groups, with family or friends, also bring a welcome emulation in the learning of snowboarding and make it easier for each one to forget the apprehensions and focus on the basics. The private snowboard lessons however is the opportunity to quickly find confidence and take pleasure in snowboarding. I propose private lessons for a day or half day, several days or weeks. Adapted and adaptable programs against the backdrop of the magnificent landscapes of Megeve.

Privates Snowboard Lessons | Snowboard Instructor in Megeve

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